Tripleflex Toothbrush for Small/Medium Dogs

Why brush with one set of bristles when you can brush with three? TropiClean Fresh Breath TripleFlex™ Toothbrush contains three sides of bristles to give the teeth a 360-degree clean, ensuring that no surface is left uncleaned. Brush away plaque and tartar 3X faster when paired with Fresh Breath Brushing Gel. Give your pet the dental care they deserve by repeating brushing sessions weekly. Small and medium brush is sized specifically for dogs with smaller mouths and teeth (brush is 6″ long with a 7/8″ brush head).

Available Sizes: n/a

Triple the Clean - Three-sided toothbrush allows for a 360-degree clean, so no surface goes untouched. Additional bristles help you clean your pet' s teeth 3X faster!

Brushing Gel - Use with Fresh Breath Brushing Gel for a powerful defense against plaque and tartar!

Designed for Small/Med Dogs - Brush is specially designed for small mouths and teeth. Brush is 6" long with a 7/8" brush head.

Weekly Routine - Effective and efficient TripleFlex™ Toothbrush makes it easy to incorporate weekly brushings into your dog's routine.

Double Down on Dental - Want even more ways to freshen your pet's breath? Fresh Breath Dental Health Solution is a simple and easy way to clean your pet's teeth as they drink. Just add to water!

Place a small amount of gel onto the brush. Gently brush teeth in a circular motion and repeat as needed.